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I would have posted this sooner but the pictures that Eric and I took from that day were dreadful and that is an understatement! So luckily Kate to the rescue again with her wonderful pictures. I can't thank her enough for capturing all of the amazing moments in Landon's life and a few from his birthday as well.

Rise and Shine big guy you got a big day ahead of you!

As you can imagine Landon's birthday marks the most amazing day in our lives but it is still bitter sweet. We wanted to give him a wonderful day filled with all of our family and friends who have loved us and supported us over the last two years. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for loving us while our hearts have been healing over loosing Kapri.

Landon is a really shy kid and we were nervous as to how he would handle having so many people at the house but he had a blast and seeing him that happy filled our hearts with such joy.

Daddy and Landon

Jim, Jim and Troy

Here is a pic of all the kids:
Mira, Kaia, Evan, Tyler, Reo, Siena, Ella, Jack, Landon and Sienna

Landon and his Cousin Reo...Landon loves Reo like a big brother.

The girls just having fun...Sienna, Siena and Ella

BFF Jack playing with Landon's new water boat

Kaia reading a book with her sister Mira in the background

He got a really cool bike from Grandpa Webb for his birthday...thank you Grandpa.

We started our tradition last year of releasing balloons to send a message to Kapri.
Daddy and Landon right before we let them go.

We were hoping they wouldn't get caught on the power lines...they didn't.

Our Prayer to Kapri
To our baby Girl Kapri who is now in heaven, we are sadden beyond words that you are not here with us to celebrate your birthday with Landon. We know that you are in a better place and that your heart is now healed though ours still ache. Please watch over us and keep Landon safe and know that your spirit and love will live on through him and we will celebrate your life by loving him twice as much.

We love you and miss you!
Mommy, Daddy and Landon

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