Thursday, December 3, 2009

He has chubby cheeks and chunky thighs (I love it).

Landon is doing great and growing like a champ. I took him to the Dr.'s office last week and he weighs in at 16 lbs now. He has chubby cheeks and chunky thighs (I love it). He cut his first tooth this week.

We had a bit of a scare when we decided to give him the H1N1 shot. He ended up having a reaction to the shot with a rash on his face and swollen lips and tongue. Not wanting to take any chances we took him to the hospital. They gave him Benadryl and we had to watch him closely over the next few days. He is fine now but we have to figure out what caused it. He may have an issue with eggs so we are getting him tested to see if that is what caused the reaction.

One day when I was feeding him on the floor he grabbed the bottle with his hands and feet...I told Eric look I think we found the missing link...

He had his first Halloween. We dressed him up as a Giraffe and walked him around in the stroller with the dog. He looked like a stuffed animal sitting in the stroller.

We started Landon on oatmeal in November. We have since given him carrots and butternut squash and he likes them. This weekend we will give him his first taste of apples...yum!

We look a short trip to Big Bear. The weather was perfect not too cold. We woke up to snow on the first morning but it melted off by lunchtime.

The place we stayed at was wonderful. It was right on the water and boulders in Boulder Bay.

It was our first real trip where we brought Xena with us. She had such a great time and wasted no time settling into mountain life. She really enjoyed climbing the rocks around the house...I think she thought she was a mountain goat.

On the subject of Xena she has been a bit out of sorts since we brought Landon home. She has not even wanted to acknowledge him in hopes he might leave one day. Well on the trip she finally gave in and once she started to lick him she wouldn't stop.

YEA!!! Finally the dog made friends with Landon...though Landon isn't too fond of her licking him. Now Landon laughs and screams every time he sees her.

So they had this bear in the room we put Landon in. It was in the corner sitting on the back of a chair nestled in behind the door. One night I was feeding him (Landon not the bear) and I had the light off in the room with only a little bit of light coming from the hall. Eric was standing in the doorway talking to me and Xena was right behind him when out of the corner of my eye I saw something large moving toward Eric. After a second I realized what it was but Eric just saw something big coming his way so he yelled (though he says he didn't...I know what I heard) and ran down the hall while Xena wasted no time and lead the way for him. So with all the commotion and yelling poor Landon started to scream as well. It was the funniest thing...this bear took down the whole family in one swoop.

Landon has started to sit up all on his own and play with his toys.

We spent Thanksgiving with Eric's family.

His cousin Reo kept making him Laugh

Here he is hamming it up for the cameras.

We have been having the best time with him. He is such a blessing and everyday that we wake up we can't believe how wonderful it is to be his parents.