Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boring old mommy stuff...

So we are settling into being just a mommy and daddy. Life has been anything but boring over the last few months. Landon has been a handful to say the least. He has issues with crying and seems to be in pain. We took him to the Doctors last week and they think he has acid reflux and have put him on Tagament which seems to be helping.

He has started to laugh which is wonderful and grab things with both hands (watch out Xena he has his sights set on your fur)

He has been sleeping through the nights which is a blessing though he has started to wake up this week in the middle of the night looking for a bottle so I'm guessing he is going through a growing spurt. He weighs in at 13 1/2 pounds and is growing everyday. To make matters even more fun he started teething a month ago so on top of our acid issues we have our fist in our mouth and are slobbering on everything (St. Bernard dogs have nothing on Landon who is a drooling fool).

We try to do tummy time but doesn't care too much for it.

We haven't goon too many places over the summer but we did take him to his first soccer game LA Galaxy vs. AC Milan. Halfway through the game the noise level picked up and we realized that it was not our best plan we had ever come up with as it was really loud and we ended up standing at the top of the bleachers where the noise level was not so loud...lesson learned on that one. But it was fun to see AC Milan, David Beckham and Landon Donavan play...go Landon!

We went to a family reunion over the summer at Pat and Teri's house. Landon didn't have any interest in the booze...

but one of the girls sure caught his eye...he gave her his flirty look...little does he know she was his cousin.

His cousin Reo holding him for the first time.

We went for a walk to the beach and had to put on Jackets...Yes we have Xena in the stroller too...she is old and cant walk that far anymore.

So you might wonder what Landon is doing in his off time...
Well he turns into his alter ego Super Baby and helps keep mommy from getting bored by making her do things to entertain him.

Here he is pre flight

Soaring through the sky's looking for trouble

Here he is trying to take on a bee but forgot his magic cape so the bee won...

Boy vs. Bee

You can't be a super hero without your trusty side kick Super Lazy Dog

He has recently started playing in his activity center.

Eric not being one to procrastinate has built out the kids play room in our house. Here is Landon sitting at his new table.

What do you mean I have homework to do...

Here he is holding his bottle...look mom 2 hands!

We have been praying all summer for our Friends the Nelsons. We are wearing blue ribbons to support Moriah

Our friends Monika, David and Nathan came by to say hi.