Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Landon and his furry best friend Pup Pup

Long Beach Grand Prix for the Indy Car practice day

Moms and our boys!
Kate, Jack, Landon and Dana

Look in the back ground and you will see Mommie Kate in action taking pictures!

Landon and Daddy

We spent Easter with the Snyder family

Terrified by the Easter Bunny...with good reason he was a bit creepy and his bunny suit was not so fuzzy.

Laughter is the name of the game and Landon does it well.
He can be such a goof ball...we love it.

Summer 2011

Daddy and Landon on their first official Boys day out...no mommy allowed!
They went down to the Mud Run to support the Band of Brothers guys and girls who ran in the race to raise money for our foundation

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mud Run to raise money for the
Band of Brothers

Watermelon is a big hit this summer!

Landon with his neighbor (AKA girlfriend) Siena

4Th of July 2011 Xena should be happy we only put a bow in her hair!
Landon wasn't too sure about being licked by the big dog

Daddy, Landon, Mommy and Xena at our first official 4th of July parade as a family

We started official Swim lessons with Coach Dan and Coach B (pic below)...if you live in the area and have not done swim lessons I can't say enough great things about this program. It was an 8 day swimming class and by the end of the 3rd day Landon was an animal in the pool.

We have been swimming almost everyday since then with Jack and Kate.

Freddy, Landon and Jack Hijacking the fountain

Jack and Landon being sweet to Helena (Freddy's new baby sister)

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