Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pictures of Landon and Kapri

Landon with Neena one of the nurses who found Kapri's murmur.
This was the day we took him home. His shirt says "I'm a really big Deal"
which is funny as he was really a small peanut.

Kapri holding Mommy's hand

Kapri holding Daddy's hand

Landon & Kapri (our only pictures with them together)

Landon & Kapri with mommy and daddy

Landon and Daddy catching some shut eye while visiting Kapri

Landon (nice Grandpa pants dude)

Time to take a bath

We had the family over for Fathers Day. Kapri had passed away the week before and we didn't feel like celebrating but it was good to have the family around as it was Eric's first Fathers Day.

Landon on his first Duffy Ride

Can't forget Xena

First day at the beach

Landon with Laura (he loves the dark haired ladies)

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  1. of course he loves the dark haired ladies!! He has good taste! Sweet little guy...glad to see this blog Dana!